Ajandi Endre - motion graphics designer & creative director


HI I am posting these links to some shows i made recently. They are shows and TV docs that i directed, edited, audio post & color graded. So prety much everything. You can download them if you like them by left clicking on these banner and clicking on the Save Link as... buton.


This is a comedy show that features inteligent humor in the form of sketches. Production is really low cost so we focus on text. We tend to mock other shows and public figures. Every show has it's own theme. This one is mocking latino soaps and some reality show. I even got to play in it :)


This is a TV documentary about a tragedy that took place in 2008. A cafe burned down by arson trapping eight young people inside. The culprits were arrested, tried & sentenced, but none of the cities institutions got any blame for giving out work permits to the cafe. None of the safety inspections ever visited or condemned the state of the cafe which had flammable coating on its walls. The young journalists I worked with did a great job of investigating and asking the right questions. This documentary was a two year look-back on the tragedy and examination of current regulations (which btw did not change). I was tasked with directing, editing, post, audio and grading on this project.


My newest directing project from a month ago I think (or two). With journalist Branislav Sovljanski as the author and me as -well- everything else we did this interesting TV doc about the crew that shot down the famous F-117 Nighthawk in 1999 over former Yugoslavia (now Republic of Serbia). The country was  bombed by NATO aviation for a few months which ended with Serbian forces withdrawing from Kosovo. During the campaign the crew of a second generation Russian anti-air missile system (read primitive) succeeded in downing the famous plain and one more later. The prolem was that the credit went to one officer who the media crowned as a hero. After ten years of being in the shadow of their officer the crew finaly came forth and demanded that they should be treated equally as him because it was a team effort. We gave voice to them and made this documentary about them and the night they shot down the "invisible plane"

You can download these shows if you like by left clicking on these banner and clicking on the Save Link as... buton.

Enjoy :)