Ajandi Endre - motion graphics designer & creative director


Very exited to announce that I started to work on my first plugin for Cinema 4D. It will be more like a scene/script that can bee tweaked. I'm currently implementing user data fields and sliders to make the navigation easier for everyone. The concept is to make a castle with a custom amount of towers, gates and inner buildings. Because it is based on a star spline it will be logical to have control over the inner and outer radius as well as he twisting of the sides. The basis of the whole project is Mograph2.

The final product will feature in ver 1.0:

  • - Adjustable number of gates and custom offset of gates
  • - Adjustable number of towers (bastions) as well as the radius control for outer and inner perimeter
  • - Adjustable number of buildings in the castle (keep, towers, church and other buildings)
  • - Custom interface
  • - Some other stuff too

The idea is to make a medieval/fantasy city generator in the future so this is going to be starting point for that project. Below you can see the rough skech of the idea. It's not much to look at now but I'll keep all of you updated as I go along. So stay tuned and have a nice day!