Ajandi Endre - motion graphics designer & creative director

Atheist Rap - Ne bi bilo fer on MTV adria

I forgot to mention that i worked and made a music video with cinematographer Predrag Radosavljevic for the legendary punk band "Atheist Rap". I grew up in a rural village in the nineties when the band had most of its hits and we listened to them all the time. So after all these years, you can say that this was more an honor to make, then just another job. Pedja is also a punk who grew up around and with the band members and was excited to make the video. I have to say that they are a grea team and one of the only bands in Serbia who can say that they live of and for the music they make. So here is the link for the article on MTV and soon you can catch the music video on their official website too.

Here is the video directly