Ajandi Endre - motion graphics designer & creative director


I've been back home for almost three months now. Bahrain was unforgettable, met some very nice people and worked on great projects. Now I moved from my old apartment and moved from my old job. I work at Fullscream now. We worked before on projects and they have a great team already in place to which I'm still getting used to. The colleagues from my previous employment at RTV Vojvodine organized a conference this week called VIZID and it was great to see them again hard at work. The opportunity to play a part in it did not pass me by so I helped out as much as I could in my spare time. The conference was a starting point for a this project, which is meant to be a gathering  of creatives  and designers in public medias from the region. I had the pleasure to meet and have some nice discussions on design problems in public media with Vida Zoltán, the designer (and Art Director) of the new identity of MTVA, the newly reformed Hungarian public media organization. There is a lot more stuff going on and I will keep you updated on my special and pet projects that are in the works. Cheers