Ajandi Endre - motion graphics designer & creative director


Hey! I was very busy these few months and a lot has happened since my last post. So here is the whole thing in a nutshell:

The office in RTV Vojvodine where i work got bigger. There has been a wall that split the animators from the designers and now its gone. We got more space, better lighting and air conditioning. There is a lot of things to be done but this is a great beginning. The department needs more organizational skills and more freedom in the design process. The TV station is very conservative and it is reflected in all of its departments.

I had another collaboration with Mirko Zarkovic on a project. He made a infomercial for Marketing Box by Iterro. He asked me to jump in and help him around the rendering process. Here is his description of the project:

Iterro is a leader in developing and providing Merketing Template Management to government agencies, mid-enterprise sized companies, marketing agencies and franchise organizations. This animation will show you why.


The best thing that happened to me these few months is the beginning of a collaboration with Milano based art director Ced Pakusevskij and his studio Fullscream. He is a visionary who can conjure great visuals and I'm very happy to work with him.

He gathered some amazing people here in Novi Sad and started to build teams who can deliver the visuals for the projects in the works. The man who brought us together is Igor Milosevic who is a great designer with lots of experience and he is the coordinator of the whole venture in Novi Sad.


[vimeo w=500]

TVC I made at work. Had five days to finish I and was under a great pressure to finish it. Considering all, it turned out ok. I did the design and the motion too. :)


[vimeo w=570] Hey

This one is made for promotion of the TV Station I work for currently. It was a nice one to do because we traveled a lot around the region. Met some nice people and had reasonable conditions to work. We shot this on a Canon 550d, most of it with a 50mm lens for portrait photography. Everyone had a good time and that's what's important.

I used Cinema 4D for 3D & After Effects for post and grading. I had to "bake out" most of the scenes because they were render heavy and in HD. Did my best but it could have been better if we had more time on this. Nonetheless, it is a nice promo i helped make. Here is the list of people closest to the project.

Director: Stojče Stoleski DP: Goran Velimir Editor/Sound design: Zoran Nikolić Art/Animation:Ajandi Endre & The Wild Bunch (crew)


MailStore Server Product Video

[vimeo w=570] Hey

This is a video my buddy Mirko Žarković made for a company called MailStore together with the help of some awesome people. I was fortunate to pitch in and help optimize some of the scenes for him in Maya. The rendering time was too long per frame so we found solutions to bring it down to a manageable time span. Had a lot of fun, done some serious work, so if you like it give us a shout either here or at his website.

Ovo je video koji izradio moj drugar Mirko Žarković za firmu koja se zove MailStore zajedno sa još nekim drugarima. Imao sam sreće da i ja pomognem oko optimizacije scena u Mayi. Rendering je predugo trajao pa smo pronalazili rešenja da smanjimo dužinu rendera na manje od minut po frejmu. Drago mi je bilo da sam mogao da pomognem i da radim na odličnom poslu. Ako vam se sviđa dajte neki komentar tu ili na njegovom sajtu.




[vimeo w=570]

Najava za seriju skečeva koji treba da krenu uskoro u sklopu zabavne emisije "Noćna Smena" na RTV Vojovodine. Uživajte!! Trebalo mi je tri dana da završim kad sam seo da ga radim ali zato pripremao sam se jedno mesec dana.

Promo for a series of sketches that will be aired soon in the entertainment show called "Graveyard Shift" on RTV Vojvodina. Enjoy!!

I took me three days to do this but the preparations lasted for about a month.

Software: Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects Sony Sound Forge

Music: Bistri Izvor - Otišao sam u tuđinu

Sound effects:


Very exited to announce that I started to work on my first plugin for Cinema 4D. It will be more like a scene/script that can bee tweaked. I'm currently implementing user data fields and sliders to make the navigation easier for everyone. The concept is to make a castle with a custom amount of towers, gates and inner buildings. Because it is based on a star spline it will be logical to have control over the inner and outer radius as well as he twisting of the sides. The basis of the whole project is Mograph2.

The final product will feature in ver 1.0:

  • - Adjustable number of gates and custom offset of gates
  • - Adjustable number of towers (bastions) as well as the radius control for outer and inner perimeter
  • - Adjustable number of buildings in the castle (keep, towers, church and other buildings)
  • - Custom interface
  • - Some other stuff too

The idea is to make a medieval/fantasy city generator in the future so this is going to be starting point for that project. Below you can see the rough skech of the idea. It's not much to look at now but I'll keep all of you updated as I go along. So stay tuned and have a nice day!



[vimeo w=570&h=320] A piece I did for the "5 second projects" by Nick Vegas at Greyscalegorilla. These mini projects are a great way to increase creativity,  motivation and they are fun. It's not about the competition but making cool stuff that can go into showreels. Enough said, enjoy. :)

Here is the link to Greyscalegorilla:



HI I am posting these links to some shows i made recently. They are shows and TV docs that i directed, edited, audio post & color graded. So prety much everything. You can download them if you like them by left clicking on these banner and clicking on the Save Link as... buton.


This is a comedy show that features inteligent humor in the form of sketches. Production is really low cost so we focus on text. We tend to mock other shows and public figures. Every show has it's own theme. This one is mocking latino soaps and some reality show. I even got to play in it :)


This is a TV documentary about a tragedy that took place in 2008. A cafe burned down by arson trapping eight young people inside. The culprits were arrested, tried & sentenced, but none of the cities institutions got any blame for giving out work permits to the cafe. None of the safety inspections ever visited or condemned the state of the cafe which had flammable coating on its walls. The young journalists I worked with did a great job of investigating and asking the right questions. This documentary was a two year look-back on the tragedy and examination of current regulations (which btw did not change). I was tasked with directing, editing, post, audio and grading on this project.


My newest directing project from a month ago I think (or two). With journalist Branislav Sovljanski as the author and me as -well- everything else we did this interesting TV doc about the crew that shot down the famous F-117 Nighthawk in 1999 over former Yugoslavia (now Republic of Serbia). The country was  bombed by NATO aviation for a few months which ended with Serbian forces withdrawing from Kosovo. During the campaign the crew of a second generation Russian anti-air missile system (read primitive) succeeded in downing the famous plain and one more later. The prolem was that the credit went to one officer who the media crowned as a hero. After ten years of being in the shadow of their officer the crew finaly came forth and demanded that they should be treated equally as him because it was a team effort. We gave voice to them and made this documentary about them and the night they shot down the "invisible plane"

You can download these shows if you like by left clicking on these banner and clicking on the Save Link as... buton.

Enjoy :)


[vimeo w=570&h=428]


Idents for all the variations of film programs on RTV Vojvodine. The main visual identity of the tv station is based on a sphere so I did these intros to match the vis. ident.


[vimeo w=570&h=456]


Magazine style show featuring modern topics that cover urban lifestyle, targeting young woman! We went for the cutout option here because it gives us the most room for design & animation. The girls were very forthcoming and happy to help. :) Feel free to comment.

Design: Nikola Berbakov Motion: Ajandi Endre

Sound: Ichiro-jibun no sumo mix


[vimeo w=570&h=456]

Promo for a documentary I'm making about the crew of a Russian rocket system called "Neva" who shot down a F117A-Nighthawk over former Yugoslavia in 1999. After 10 years they reached out to the media because they haven't been awarded properly and only one of them took the glory for everything.

Promo za dokumentarni film koji radim o smeni koja je oborila avion F117A-Nighthawk nad bivsom Jugoslavijom 1999 godine. U filmu govore ljudi koji koji posle 10 godina su se pojavili u javnosti i objasnjavaju da zasluga ne pripada samo jednom coveku nego celoj smeni.



[vimeo w=570&h=428]

This opening is for a DIY show for women. The idea was to make a show where the woman does the mans work around the house and she makes her husband do woman stuff. The show has a comic tone to it and the whole series is like a tv soap opera but with practical advice how to make stuff around the house. The whole project was stretched over a few months because it was concept work.



[vimeo w=570&h=428]

This promo was done for Anna in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. I was contracted to BlueEye FX underwater production to make the promo. Anna was there at the time for the freediving world championship and she was very kind to give me input on this fascinating sport. I have to say that this is to date my most loved job because I got to do amazing stuff and meet amazing people from the world of diving. The end result of this job was a nice DVD promo with a long and short version video, some nice graphics and very nice wibes. But the best thing about this was DIVING!! :)



[vimeo w=570&h=321]

"LOUNGE CAFE - DVE GODINE POSLE / LOUNGE CAFE - TWO YEARS AFTER" is a television documentary about a fire that took eight young lives in a cafe in Novi Sad. The documentary was made to remind people of what happened, raise questions about the safety of public places and to examine what changed in two years in the regulatory systems of the city. I got involved very early on as an animator on the project but ended up doing everything visual on the project. The promo, the opening, the lower thirds, animated documents and cutscenes and other animation. After that they asked me to help them shoot the reconstruction scenes with the fire department and the scenes from the cafe. I turned out to be a great team and I enjoyed helping them. I ended up editing and doing the whole audio and video post for them. It was very hard work but the end result was a 40 minute documentary that was very strong emotionally and had roused the public. The project is now being prepared for festivals.



[vimeo w=570&h=428]

"VIKEND NA RTV 1 / WEEKEND ON RTV1" was my pet project. I worked on this one with designer Jovana Budošan who made the illustrations. We worked on the ideas and presented a few from which this one got accepted. Then we worked out the storyboard and the animatic. After it got approved I started to animate it. I took me a lot of time to finish due to other projects that had been in the works but the end result was worth it. :)



[vimeo w=570&h=321]

"NAPJAINK/OUR DAYS" is a weekly magazine that features economic, political, education and other serious problems debated by experts and journalists. The program is aired on "RTV Vojvodine" and its in Hungarian language. The old opening for this program was like twenty years old so i decided that it was time to change it. I designed the logo and scattered the letters in space. The letters only form a readable word from only one angle. I used the blue cube element as a continuity element and as a symbol for a flow of time (perhaps). I used Cinema 4d on this project which was very interesting and since then I use it regularly.


VIDEO [vimeo w=570&h=428]

This was a great video to work on. This is the intro to a telephone quiz that had been aired on "RTV Vojvodine". The concept was to characterize somehow the marbles and make it look like its a busy street of people who are on and about their daily lives bumping into each other and finally gathering under the logo as a stopover. I'm not sure what was the connection to the quiz but that seems irrelevant now because it looks cool anyway :)



[vimeo w=570&h=320]

"Norway Today" by Igor Bauerisma is a drama about alienated young people seeking attention. Only two actors are involved in the play so there was a lot space to fill on stage so the director Vesna Topalov asked me to do some projections that would play an integral part of the play. Beside the internet chatroom that introduces the character we used animated polar lights and a sequence that plays out inside the tent on stage.



[vimeo w=570&h=428]

This is a short commercial I made from an old local ethnic textile painting. From the the painting I took the the patterns and animated it in 3d space. The commercial was made for the "Museum of Vojvodina" and their exhibit called "Ethnological Autumn 2009"