Fyuse V4

A short introduction for the fourth iteration of the Fyuse app.

It's produced by Fyusion Inc. 
design & animation: crosspath motion

Fyuse - Point of no return

From Fyuse: 
Real talk: the Fyuse team is full of Sci-Fi nerds. So, when it came to creating a video for Fyuse 3.0, we decided to do something different. In "Point of No Return" we've imagined a future with redefined technological limitations. We're entering a new digital era; one of VR, drones, wearables and things that seem literally out of our favorite Sci-Fi films. With Fyuse, we're introducing a truly new digital medium—where will it take us?


Script: Fyuse
Producer: Fyuse
Director: Milos Vlaski
Director of Photography: Harlod Escotet
VFX location supervisor: Crosspath Motion
VFX producer: Studio Crater
Motion design: Crosspath Motion
Sound Design: Milos Martinov

Commercial Passport System

A bank account management aplication that helps create, structure, validate and securely share company/personal information needed by banks around the world to manage a company's international growth.

Script: CPS, Milos Martinov
Design/Animation: Crosspath Motion
Sound design: Milos Martinov

Intensify - How it works

Intensify is a ticketing service app that integrates loyalty points and giveaways for the user through social media sharing. This video was made to explain how the features of the app work.

Client: Intens
Producer: Branko Macura
Voice talent: Kristina Ivšić
Animation: Crosspath Motion
Sound design: Miloš Martinov